Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Advocate will never check your credit. Our job is to facilitate the smooth connection between interested buyers and motivated sellers. We give you as much information we can and a close approximation as to where your payments will be based on several different factors pertaining to your personal profile with us and the vehicle you're interested in. The only time a seller will check your credit is after you have expressed an interest in their vehicle and given them permission to do so. This generally means completing a credit application with said dealer. Multiple credit inquires have a negative impact on your overall credit score. Using Auto Advocate means you're personal information is not simply sold to the highest bidder, but only given to those sellers who have the vehicle you want and can offer it to you at a payment you're comfortable with.
We have been in the auto finance industry for more than 40 combined years of experience. We have worked as lot attendants, sales people, business managers, used car managers, dealer principals and dealers. Our combined experience has allowed us to approximate payment details for customers based on the interpretation of key pieces of information from their personal profiles. We add that information to the lending criteria of nationally recognized prime and non-prime auto finance lenders and compare it against vehicle specific criteria such as year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle in question. All of these factors go together, including your self identification of your credit history and this allows us to approximate your expected payment range.
Nope. Auto Advocate does not sell vehicles. We help match interested customers to motivated buyers. What makes us different is our industry experience. The vehicles that you see for sale are all publicly advertised from local sellers, private and professional, from your own community. There are even some vehicles that are only advertised on the Auto Advocate website making it the best place to find those hidden gems. When customers find a vehicle they are interested in, that's the time we give you the opportunity to connect with the seller. Our job is to help you get the most amount of information about your purchase before you let the seller know you're interested. This puts you in full control of the buying process and means you're able to make yourself the best deal! Good luck!
As you can see on the inventory page, the payments are presented in a range. We have analyzed your profile and suggested our very best educated guess as to what your payments will be based on the sale price of the vehicle plus applicable taxes. However, this is not an approval. In order to confirm the information you see on the Auto Advocate website you will need the seller to actually submit a credit application to available lenders on your behalf. This is as far as we can take you in the process using Auto Advocate. Now is the time to do the fun part! Click "I'm Interested" and the seller will contact you with payment details specific to your application and schedule you to test drive the vehicle and hopefully take it home! Good luck and happy shopping!
When you click “I'm Interested” on a vehicle we send the seller of that car a notification that gives them the opportunity to contact you. We don't guarantee that every seller will jump at that opportunity. Often times Auto Advocate customers will click "I'm Interested" on several different vehicles at once in an attempt to pit sellers against each other to offer the best deal. While these customers receieve higher than normal phone calls, we do encourage our customers to keep their options open and to reward the dealer with the best overall soltion with their business.
Each time you have your credit checked it has an impact on your overall credit score. Using Auto Advocate is about knowing which vehicles are in your financial reach before you go shopping. If we were to allow you to submit applications to several different sellers at the same time for several different vehicles, the banks who review those applications would not only understand that you are not truly interested in a single vehicle specifically, but your credit rating would be taking a hit with each submission. We want to make sure your ability to purchase the vehicle you want is as strong as possible. If we allowed you to shop your credit unwittingly, we wouldn't be doing our job. If you have hit “"I'm Interested"” on a vehicle and have not heard from the seller then you know your information has not been submitted to any lender. Feel free to remove your approval request at any time and try a different vehicle. A different seller may be more interested in earning your business and there are plenty of vehicles to choose from!
All of the inventory you see on Auto Advocate has been collected from publicly advertised sources. These include online classified ads, newspaper ads, auto manufacturer websites or vehicles that have been manually input into our database by sellers and may not show up in any of those locations.
Probably not, but maybe! Your most realistic idea of what your payments will be on a vehicle come from the “pre-qualified” payment range that is based on how you personally rate your credit and the vehicle in question. The "as low as" payments are best case scenario and don't count them out all together! Many times customers assume their credit is a lot worse off than it actually is. If you see a vehicle you like but the payments look a little out of reach hit “I'm Interested” anyway! Sellers can often adjust term, selling price and even interest rate to get your payments where they need to be!
Keep in mind that the pre-qualification you received with Auto Advocate was not an official approval. It was our best most educated guess based on the information you gave us about, how you rate your credit and the sale price of the vehicle advertised. Something that we didn't take into account was your specific credit rating because we never checked your credit. We also don't take into account carry over negative equity from potential trades, or the cost of additional warranties or seller / lender specific fees unless you calculated those before you hit "I'm Interested." All of these additional costs will have an impact on your final payment. You can get a better idea of how your payment may be adjusted by manipulating the payment calculator inside any selected piece of inventory.
We don't use sales people and we are proud of it! Our job it not to sell cars, but to connect interested buyers with motivated sellers. We take the opinion that this process is more easily done and better for the customer, if we can give them a pre-qualification based on inventory they like and their own self identification of credit. But beyond that, at some point you will need to engage with the seller of the vehicle you want in order to complete the transaction. The good news is now you are using Auto Advocate and you have a lot more information than the average consumer. Yes when you click “I'm Interested” you will likely be contacted by a seller who wants to earn your business, but you are in control now and if at any point you're not satisfied with how you're being treated, try somewhere else! Using Auto Advocate is that easy. Go get em!
Click on the vehicle you are interested in learning more about. Inside details the vehicle and you'll find a payment calculator where you can manually adjust the sale price, warranty cost, interest rate and term. Keep in mind that the information you come up with here is not guaranteed in any way. For example: If you adjust the sale price down and then click "I'm Interested" the seller of the vehicle will receive a notification that you are interested but only at the lower price you've input. We cannot guarantee the seller will agree to the lower price you've suggested. But hey, it's worth a try right?