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Ever just wanted to know if you can get an auto loan?

I can tell you without having to do a lengthy application.

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Know your payments based on your specific credit circumstances without:

Doing a credit application.

Giving up any personal information.

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Frustrated with Fake Ads?

Let's cut the crap for once.

We've all seen the ad with the fake truck and the great payment.

Somehow we even know that it's a complete farce when we are looking at it and we don't feel at all entitled to that deal when we go shopping. Salespeople even laugh at us when we ask about, "the one that's advertised in the paper or on Facebook." Read more...

2000+ Cars, Trucks and SUV's? Where are they?

The truth is they don't have them. No single dealer can advertise that they have all the inventory because there are many dealers who all have vehicles for sale and theres no way dealer 1 is going to advertise dealer 2's vehicles on their website. So when they say they have 2000+ Cars for sale what they are really saying is... Read more...

Gimmicks and Tricks to Try to Win your Business.

Some dealers will offer you $500 if they can't get you approved. Or $1000 cash back when you buy your car. How much cash do you think they really give out on a promotion like that? You're looking for a vehicle right not a pre-paid credit card. Don't get caught up in the dealer spin machine. Read more...

Local Sellers and
Licensed Auto Dealers:

We provide a FREE vehicle listing service for local dealers and independent sellers.

Here's how we do it:

Sellers upload their inventory
100% FREE.

Then they receive pre-qualified
test drive referrals 100% FREE.

Finally, sellers remit a token referral fee
only AFTER the vehicle sells.

Buyers win because they get to browse all of the local inventory for sale in one place and calculate what the vehicle they want will actually cost them.
Dealers win because they don't have to fork over thousands of marketing dollars to attract customers to their vehicles or purchase leads which don't end up closing.

We got it covered.

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